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Mr. Rivers is responsible for creating corrosion control designs to be handled by our clients construction teams or our own SPS Construction Team. He also consults with our clients concerning all aspects of corrosion control to underground facilities.

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William M. Rivers
Corrosion Specialist
Rob brings nearly 20 years of experience to the company. He is the lead corrosion technician performing all pre-construction field studies.
Robert M. Rivers
Corrosion Technician
There are 4 elements to corrosion... remove any ONE and the corrosion cell cannot develop!
Soil resistivity variations along pipeline alignments lead to significant corrosion related problems if there is not a corrosion control plan.
"Holidays" are holes in a coating. They can result from mishandling of pipe or dropping foreign material on the pipe during backfilling.
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Protecting System Integrity
Rick Rivers
CADD Technician
Mr. Rivers has over 15 years of experience in utilizing CADD resources and has been SPS's CADD technician since the company's inception.

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