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Specific Projects
A list of completed or on-going region or  project specific designs can be furnished at your request. If you would like a tailor made description, such as the SF 330, to associate us with your RFP, just let us know!

Here are a few examples...
Fairfax Water Corrosion Control Monitoring Program: 2006 to Present

Our ongoing project has included the survey of over 1,260 corrosion control test facilities associated with approximately XXXX linear feet of steel, ductile iron, pre-stressed concrete, and cast iron water main. Piping ranged from 8-inch to 84-inch. The survey concluded with the revision  of all test station documentation conplete with digitally remastered CADD files and annual monitoring ledgers.

Over 225 individual water projects were docemented. High risk projects such as large diameter steel systems and those with potential stray current issues were recommended for troubleshooting to recover acceptible cathodic protection levels.

SPS is currently preparing its second construction project associated with the monitoring project. Preliminary engineering including soil resistivity testing and current requirement testing help PS take a project from design to completing the construction and installation of proposed anode beds and test facilities.
Battlefield to Centerville Water Main- 2010-Present
City of Chesapeake, Virginia

Scope of services includes an alignment study to include soil resistivity testing and surface pH measurements for the proposed 15,000 linear ft. 24-inch ductile iron water main. Our consultation will conclude with the final design and post installation Quality Assurance testing.
Elk Lick Run Force Main- 2004
Loudoun Water, Loudoun County, Virginia

The 10,ooo linear foot force main was surveyed to locate possible areas of active corrosion. A corrosion profile was created to predict areas of active corrosion based on over-line cell to cell testing. The results were coupled with soil resistivity testing to locate areas that might require "Hot Spot" cathodic protection. At-risk areas were further documented by selecting locations for excavation and inspection  to verify the accuracy of the surface testing.
Hampton Roads Crossing- 2009
Virginia Natural Gas, Newport News to Norfolk, Virginia

The 21 mile Hampton Roads 20-inch steel gas main project ran from Newport News, across 6 miles of open water, though the Craney Island Naval facility, and into downtown Norfolk. SPS proposed 3 design scenarios including a completely impressed current system, a completely galvanic system, and a combination system. Extreme care was given in proposing systems that would not present stray current interference issues to neighboring utilities. Temporary solar powered rectifier systems were also proposed at locations where the pipeline was to be for approximately 18 months before the remaining piping would be connected and corrosion control systems activated.
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